Business Operations Manager

Wendy is a business professional with 21 years experience in the fields of finance, accounting, project management, systems design and development, graphic design, and management reporting. Her career has encompassed working in the industries of real estate, high tech and government contracting at companies such as Calkain Companies, AOL, Litton PRC and Titan Corporation. She received her business administration degree from The University of Florida and her MBA from George Mason University.

Wendy loves to problem solve. Give her a problem and she’ll research all the different paths to solving it and analyze all the variables to arrive at the best possible solution. She enjoys taking a process or business problem and adding technology to make it work with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Wendy lives in Loudoun County with her husband and two whippets. Her two grown children live in New York City and Tempe, AZ (Forks Up!). In her spare time, she enjoys school and community theatre, having participated in some capacity in over 20 shows. From producer to set, sound and graphic design, she’s led just about every behind-the-scenes role there is.

Wendy looks forward to making a difference at Veatch Commercial Real Estate, by providing increased value to our customers and supporting all aspects of the business to make everything run smoothly and seamlessly.